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Event Ice Breakers

At any group event, we can pretty well guarantee there will be a mix of personalities. 

When it comes to getting extroverts AND introverts involved and sharing, we have a few ideas up our sleeves. Games are a great way to get groups talking, sharing commonalities, and getting to know each other better. 

The Plan Your Event Team has tried and tested several games, including Pictionary on the go, partner truth, hiking, cycling and golf. Our first four games are easy to play as an icebreaker, while travelling, at a function, or even just going out for a work dinner. Enjoy!

Bucket List Game

This is a great way to quickly get people to know each other.

Have each person share their top 2 bucket list goals and 1 they’ve achieved (if they have). Put a Hunter Valley spin on it by passing the ice bucket, along with a bottle for a top up, to who-ever is up next.  You can take turns at random, alphabetically (great for learning names) or go clockwise around the circle or table.

Variations: Larger groups stick with just one item.

More interaction? When someone says a bucket list item, all those who’ve done raise their hand (or glass). This is a great way to quickly find people with common interests.

Truth and two lies

Each player needs a piece of paper and something to write with. 

Each player secretly writes 3 things about themselves – 2 true facts and one a lie. When everyone is finished writing, players will read out their answers one at a time and the other guests will have to guess which things are true and which are not. This is not only a great ice breaker, it’s also a good way of showing up any preconceived ideas and setting them right. Players are in control of how much or little they share.

The revealing of the truth by the player in question can at times be very entertaining.

Variation: If you want to play for a winner, the winner is the person who guesses correctly the most times. 

Pictionary on the go

Great for building camaraderie and encouraging teamwork, as well as having a few laughs.

Split into teams, preferably two people per team, but you can make other configurations work if needed.

You can either write words onto individual slips of paper and place in a hat or container – or use a mobile phone with internet to find a random word generator. 

Download our word list including some funny words here. 

Each round will have one drawer from each team and the other person/people on the team are the guessers. The team to guess the correct word first from the picture being drawn BY THEIR TEAM is the winner of the round. Each round the roles will switch so that everyone has equal turns at being the drawer.

Rules: The drawer is not allowed to talk. The guesser should not be looking at other teams’ drawings. Drawing cannot contain words, numbers, or common symbols.

What you need: Paper & pen for each team, our word list (cut up) or mobile phone word generator.

Partner Truth

This game is great for work colleagues or teammates who have partners in attendance who are not ordinarily part of the group.

Pre-write questions relating to recent events in your team/workgroup, or group trivia. Each couple gets a piece of paper and a pen. Independently they must write what they think is the correct answer. 

Twist: The winners of this game aren’t necessarily the ones who get the answers right, but the couples that answer the same as each other. Answers should be shared at the end of each round before moving onto the next. This is a great way to bring the partners into the fold, and shows which partners talk shop outside of the team or work environment. 

Suggestions: Ensure you ask one question about each member of your team so that no one is left out. Take care not to ask sensitive questions that will cause embarrassment or distrust in the partners.

What you need: Paper & pen for each player

Chilling Out

If you’d like to have more chilled options with voluntary involvement, setting up lawn games, placing mind puzzles, chess, checkers, and cards on tables can give people opportunities to play some games together or mingle.

Other fantastic ways to get your team communicating and enjoying some shared experiences in our beautiful outdoor are:

Walks – why not try the track along McDonalds Road to Pokolbin Park 

Cycling – we love the Hermitage Road Cycle track, and if you don’t have bikes in your back pocket, there are several hire options in the vineyards. You can even arrange electric bikes if you’re anti up-hill effort.

Golf – There’s plenty of amazing golf courses in the Hunter Valley, but for the casual group who just wants some fun in relaxed surrounds with no pressure, we love Patterson Golf Course. Be ready for a stroll though, there’s no golf carts. Info – 80 Webbers Creek Road, Paterson, NSW 2421,, Ph. 02 4938 5828

Lawn games – Lawn games make every event better! Hire some from Vintage Lux Props, Ariarper, or select a venue that has their own like Emmas Cottage or Thistle Hill.

Whatever your event, make sure there are a variety of ways for everyone, regardless of their personality to connect and enjoy!

Share your event pics with us by tagging @planyoureventhunter, or to be featured in another blog, email your ideas and images to

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