Music Matters

There’s no denying it – music is a MUST to bring your event to life.

Music, whether it’s in background, or the main focus, is a big driver in creating the atmosphere for your event.

Background music can set a tone of relaxation, while upbeat rock can get people energized and ready to party, with more wistful songs fostering introspection or nostalgia.

Having live entertainment is a great way of keeping people in the moment and off their phones! Unlike a pre-queued playlist, there’s interaction and energy from a live performer. 

Most of our musicians are also naturals on the mic, which is a great help with introducing people, making announcements, and generally reading the crowd to keep your event on track.

Not sure where to start with planning live music for your event? We asked some of our musicians for their top tips on using music to enhance events of all types and we uncovered some great insights!

How do you put together the perfect playlist for an event with 9 through 90 year olds? 

Most of our musicians stress the importance of knowing a bit about your intended guests to play the right setlist. I gather details on the type of event, the age group of attendees and the vibe they’re looking for. Then I design a set list to suit the event” (Sami Cooke) 

“Having a broad repertoire is essential, so songs from the 50’s to today are needed to keep the crowd happy. The fact is a good song is a good song, no matter what era it’s from! I find that my repertoire does the trick for every event, probably because I’ve drawn songs from all my past musical experiences including Aussie rock covers bands, sophisticated wedding bands, music therapy and more.” (Chris London)


“It’s like a fact-finding mission. I have a broad repertoire and love all music. I believe there is a song for every life occasion and every guest. A good performer will be able to paint the perfect musical backdrop – like a tapestry to suit every guest.” (Sara Sings)


So it’s unanimous – like every other aspect of pulling off a great event, your music needs to be planned around your guests, and that planning is an important earmark of a great entertainer! Don’t restrict yourself to songs that are in right NOW, as all of our musicians have agreed, great music can come from any time and any genre, so someone who is well versed in a wide range of music will do the best job of providing great beats for your event.

What are some tried and tested ways of getting your guests up and dancing? 

“I try to focus on having as much fun as possible myself and usually that energy infects the guests! Playing a good mix of popular songs is critical too, as well as reading the crowd. I try to learn a few names and build a personal connection so that some friendly banter can evolve over the course of the evening.” (Chris London)

Kody suggests “A catchy, popular song with a good beat usually does the trick” while Sara uses a more staged approach “People like to ease into a dance move – so I start with some happy grooves to get the table-tappers going, and then creep up the tempo in the next 2-3 tunes.”  

Sami Cooke encourages people during the introduction of the song to join in and dance.

So all in all, we think the right music, an energetic entertainer and great communication with your guests is key to getting your guest strutting their best stuff on the dance floor.

The Perfect Performance Space?

You don’t need a stage or anywhere fancy for a performer to enhance your event. Even chilled outdoor events like campfires, fetes, markets and private events can all benefit from a few tunes, in fact, they’re our favourite way to enjoy live music. As Sara so aptly puts it, Nothing beats the great outdoors – a nice breeze, rustling leaves, sunlight.. Musicians nowadays are blessed with mics and speakers that allow us to perform just about anywhere!” Sami agrees, “I love outdoor events; I actually prefer them. The atmosphere is always more relaxed.” Kody’s perfect situation?  Sitting around a campfire singing with his guitar. So if you’re after a chilled vibe for your event, all of our vocalists love performing outdoors.


If you are planning a musician for an outdoor event, the things you should consider are: 

·      Do they need power or have they got battery amps etc and how long will the batteries last? 
·      Is there a back-up spot in case of rain? 
·      Ensure they have access to plenty of water and if it’s in summer, consider some shade (even if it’s a big umbrella) and somewhere they can go to cool off for short periods if the heat is severe.

Banned Song List

Funnily enough none of our artists were in favour of banning any songs! They all believe that the music is about you and your guests. Some do admit though, that they’ve played gigs where certain songs have been banned. This is our shortlist for songs that might need to take a back seat. Blister on the Sun, My Sharona, Love Shack, Horses, and Khe San.


Most importantly, your event is about you and your guests, so if a song has meaning or a history to your group – go for it. 

Corporate Events Tips

Consider the industry and the age group of the guests.  A good musician will pull from different influences, flows and playlists for a group of late 20s Tradies for instance, than you would for an annual meeting of the local CWA. There is music to suit everyone, so knowing who’s likely to be in your audience and planning is key. (Sara Sings)


In the case of fundraisers, music can speak to the guests’ hearts, relax them, excite them, engage them in the cause that they are gathering to support. So again, research to understand the theme of the fundraiser or awareness event and try and select music that resonates with your theme.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of a song to move someone to donate to a great cause. I have sung to raise critical funds for regional branches of the Cancer Council, and for Domestic Violence Support groups. It’s those events that I can see the power of music, and I feel privileged to provide it. I also love corporate events, so my music can enhance a beautifully orchestrated event.” (Sara Sings).


So, much like private events and parties, corporate events also take similar planning to ensure the right fit for your guests.

How much does it cost to have live music? 

Well it may be cheaper than what you thought! Thankfully our artists are motivated more out of a passion for music than they are by getting rich. Surprisingly, you could hire a live musician from as little as $300 for 3 hours, depending on the day, time, the event type and how busy they are at the time. 

You might want to consider getting prices and locking them in sooner than later though, because between pub gigs and touring, some of our singers are in high demand. 

A Little bit About Our Artists

Click to visit their listing and contact them directly

Sara Sings

Vocals – Melody but loves to throw in a harmony if you take the lead! A little bit of ukulele when the mood strikes

Favourite song right now: ‘Stay’ by Sara Bareilles – slays with effortless elegance

Favourite Genre: Soul

Favourite gigs: Fundraisers for a good cause

Recent highlights: ‘Sounds Against Silence’ Fundraiser, ‘Streets Alive’ Festival, My daughter’s primary school fete.

Chris London aka Chris English

Vocalist, plays guitar & keyboard

Favourite song right now: Exhausting Lover – Ben Folds

Favourite gigs: Foo Fighters everytime they come to Australia!

Recent highlights: Any wedding I play is always a blast

Sami Cooke

Vocalist, plays guitar, keyboard, ukulele and saxophone

Favourite song right now: Vienna by Billy Joel

Genres: On my playlist currently is a mixture of Old School Classics, Rock, RNB, Indie, and Country. 

Favourite gigs: Weddings, parties, and pub gigs

Recent highlights: Performing for the Tour D’Horse fundraiser

Kody aka David Moore

Vocalist, plays guitar, piano and drums

Fave song right now: The Goo Goo Dolls called “Run All Night”. 

Favourite gigs: Pubs and parties – good mood gigs

Favourite Genre: Rock

Recent highlights: Melbourne radio interview on his latest album, “Days Like Today”

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